International Museum Workers Day IMWD‘s mission is to educate the broader public about various professions in museum and heritage fields – including all professionals who have worked with museums & heritage at various capacities, e.g. artists, designers, archaeologists, publishers, etc.

As the sole sponsor of IMWD, we have set up MuseumViews Online Shop to help underwrite the costs of organizing this global project by contributing a portion of its sales to International Museum Workers Day.

The 4th International Museum Workers Day #IMWD2018 was celebrated across 12 social media platforms, in 21 languages. We are delighted to announce that 20 new countries celebrated #IMWD2018, bringing our total national engagement to 170+ countries. This year’s new participating countries include:

Timor-Leste, Angola, Marshall Islands, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Seychelles, Djibouti, Finland, Uganda, Albania, Maldives, Dominica, Democratic Republic Congo, Palau, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Pakistan, Malta, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, & Cyprus.

Anyone who has ever initiated and managed any type of social media campaign is aware of the competitive challenges of reaching and engaging the public on local (industry), national, let alone international levels.

As we have previously explained (see IMWD2017 Report), we do not rely on social media luck – 1) set up an account; 2) start a hashtag; 3) hope that your followers will pick up on it; & 4) fantasize about the project going viral.

We work year-round to pro-actively reach out to and engage artists, designers, heritage and museum workers throughout 200+ countries and territories around the world via 1) our data base of 70,000+ professionals; 2) direct, personal emails to various art and heritage national and international organizations; 3) as well as across various social media, including LinkedIn, Twitter, WeChat, VKontakte, Facebook, etc. For example, in the Americas, #IMWD2018 hashtag had 35 Million impressions on Twitter alone.

We contine to develope IMWD as a platform for artists, designers, heritage and museum workers across the globe to connect with each other, and to teach the broader public about their respective professions.


Since the first International Museum Workers Day (Hug A Museum Workers Day) 2015, the project has been solely funded by MuseumViews – which artist, museologist and filmmaker Homa Taj founded in 2003.

Until this year’ celebration on June 28, 2018, we have not partnered with any outside for-profit, non-profit or govermental organizations, nor have we received any type of funding from any such entities or individuals.

To mark the founding of MuseumViews’s 15th anniversary, and to help cover the costs of our global advocacy project IMWD, we are offering a discount of 15% on all products in MuseumViews Online Shop, starting July 10th 2018.

We would appreciate it if you would consider supporting IMWD by visting our shop at https://museumviews.com/shop/.

International Museum Workers Day IMWD is a global community of heritage and museum professionals — including: artists, scholars, art historians, scientists, archaeologists, anthropologists, curators, filmmakers, performance artists, designers & many other — whose expertise, years of experiences and dedication help create, discover, preserve, and disseminate our tangible and non-tangible cultural heritage.

The following are among international organizations whose employees  have celebrated IMWD:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art; Musee Louvre; Galleria degli Uffizi; LACMA; El Museo Soumaya, Mex.; Picasso Museum, Spain; Deutsches Historisches Museum; Musee d’Orsay;The Gardner Museum, Boston; Modern Art Museum, Brazil; Robben Island Museum, S. Africa; Museum of the Jewish People, Israel; Shangai Science & Tech Museum; American Museum Natural History; State Museum of Contemporary Art, Greece; National Museum of Rwanda; National Museum of Egyptian Civilization; National Gallery Singapore; Louvre Abu Dhabi; National Comission for Museums and Monuments, Nigeria; Olympic and Sports Museum, Qatar; Arte Contemporaneo, Bolivia; Fine Arts Museum, Viet Nam; National Museum of Kenya; National Museums of Philippines; National Museum of Moldova; National Museum of Vanautu; National Museum of Australia; National Museum of Ghana; Museo Historica National, Chile; Museum National de Anthropologia, El Salvador; National Museum of Ireland; National Museum of Bhutan; Morija Museum, Lesotho; International Center of Photography; American Federation of Arts; Hispanic Society of America; AAMers (& Future of Museums); Museum Directors; International Council of Museums ICOM; ICOM USA; ICOM Canada; ICOM Italia; … & very many others …