IMWD2018 Announcement

We invite you to join the 4th Int’l Museum Workers Day #IMWD2018 on Thursday, JUNE 28, 2018.

International Museum Workers Day IMWD’s mission is to educate the broader public about various professions in museum and heritage fields – including all professionals who have worked with museums and heritage at various capacities, e.g. artists, designers, archaeologists, publishers, etc.

The global event will take place across various social media – Twitter, WeChat, Facebook, Instagram, Weibo, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, VKontakte, YouTube, etc.

We also invite museum and heritage workers without regular access to social media to email us ( their submissions.


Please visit IMWD2017 (link) for a report on the success of last year’s event during which art, museum and heritage workers from 150+ countries celebrated INT’L Museum Workers Day.

Artists, Designers, Heritage and Museum Professionals are invited to introduce their professions by sharing photos of themselves (& colleague), or of their favorite object, in their work enviroment.

Artists, Designers, Art & Museum Lovers are encouraged to give a SHOUT OUT to their favorite museum & heritage workers – something as simple as sharing a ‘Thank You’ note on your social media with hashtag #IMWD2018.

Relevant images – tagged #IMWD2018 or – may be shared across various platforms on our social media feeds.

NOTE: We will do our best to continue to share all submissions throughout the year, across social media.

The project was initiated by American museologist and filmmaker Homa Taj in 2015. The event was initially called Hug A Museum Worker Day in the same spirit as “International Hug a Medievalist Day.”


Across various social media – see below

PRESS (Logos & Images)
Stay tuned for plenty of LOGOS, POSTERS, GIFS, VIDEOS & promotional material to help spice up your #IMWD2018. See our Facebook page; and larger files may be found in DropBox.

IMWD2018 In The Media

“亚裔博物馆专家发起“国际博物馆从业人员日” #IMWD2018在社交媒体实现,” Art News, China

“第四届国际博物馆从业人员日 – 2018年6月28日,星期四,” Randian, China

The 4th International Museum Workers Day (English),” Randian, China

“International Museum Workers Day, IMWD, June 28, 2018 #IMWD2018 (2015-2017) Video I,” FR-news, France

“Goya, Velázquez, Vespucci y más tesoros de la ‘Hispanic Society of America’ llegan a Bellas Artes,” Aristegui Noticias, Mexico

“Buona giornata dei professionisti e operatori dei musei! Happy #IMWD2018!” World Magazine, Italy

“International Museum Workers Day, IMWD, June 28, 2018 #IMWD2018 (2015-2017) Video II,” FR-news, France