We invite you to join the 4th Int’l Museum Workers Day #IMWD2018 on Thursday, JUNE 28, 2018.

IMWD’s mission is to educate the broader public about various professions in museum and heritage fields – including all professionals who have worked with museums & heritage at various capacities, e.g. artists, designers, archaeologists, publishers, etc. Please visit IMWD2017 (link) for a report on the success of last year’s event. And, more information on IMWD2018 (link).


Since its inception in 2015, this year-round project (International Museum Workers Day IMWD) has been entirely funded by MuseumViews. We have not partnered with any outside for-profit, non-profit or governmental organizations, nor have we received any type of funding from any such entities or individuals.

We will appreciate it if you’d consider supporting #IMWD2018. We welcome you to shop on our online Secure SSL site @ MuseumViews – opening on Thursday, JUNE 21st.

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